About Us
My name is Ken Hood, I am the owner of K.P. Hood Construction and I have lived in the Lakes Region since age seven. Throughout the years, I have lived in five towns surrounding Lake Winnipesaukee, eventually settling in Meredith with my wife and two children. I graduated from Inter-Lakes High School, and have lived here enjoying the lakes, mountains, rivers and general splendor that this area has to offer. I enjoy exploring the area through hiking, skiing, cycling, kayaking, and waterskiing, always grateful to live in such naturally remarkable surroundings.

My exceptional love and knowledge of the area and my enjoyment of working with clients continues to drive my enthusiasm for building. I understand that building a home can be both stressful and costly, and I work hard to make the process as simple, organized and enjoyable as possible. Though the relationship between clients and myself is a business one, I strive to be personable and straightforward, taking each aspect of a project one step at a time to keep it from to becoming too overwhelming.

I am always present on the job all day, every day, and take on one project at a time. I have always maintained a small skilled, conscientious crew to help uphold my high standards of quality. I oversee all aspects of the process, those of my crew and subcontractors, and I am the lead carpenter.

I believe that I have a good reputation, I am proud of the work I have done, and the way it has represented my name and business. It is important to me to maintain good relationships with those I work for, and those who work for me.

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